Ghost Town Brings Back GhostTownTuesdays; Streams New Single

Ghost Town announced last week that they would be bringing back, “Ghost Town Tuesdays” where they release a new single every Tuesday with each single having its unique artwork that Ghost Town is known for. The band just released their third full-length, ‘Evolution’ last year so it is a surprise to hear new music so soon, however, it seems the band’s old sound is back with the new single, ‘These Illusions Are My Latest Addiction’.

You can pre-order a limited edition T-Shirt featuring the single’s artwork on The Machinist Factory and catch a brand new Ghost Town single every Tuesday!

Listen to ‘These Illusions Are My Latest Addiction’ below:

Ghost Town: These Illusions Are My Latest Addiction

iTunes: Lyrics: Un wishful thinking Unlawful damnation Come forth through the crowd Speak up so loud that the dead can hear you screaming.. Your words they have more meaning then you think.. ..That the friendly are listening But really they’re loathing My world is exploding Drop em like a bomb So, I’ll drop em like a bomb Ignorance, so cliche, one hit of pure decay.

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