EP Review: Indighost – The Veil // The Crown

While a year may seem like an incredibly long time, in retrospect, it really isn’t. So much can happen in the timespan of one year that affects and shapes who we are, what we do and where we go in life. This is an important facet of music as countless band interviews have led me to the conclusion that almost every single thing that happens inevitably affects and shapes a musicians’ output. This inevitability leads to progression and changes in sound, lyrical content and depth of musicality. As relatively new professional musicians, New Jersey natives and progressive rock outfit Indighost have already seen the span of a singular year have a large effect on their musical output. The band released their first single in October of 2014, and while it was a rock solid debut, the early stages of musicianship showed with a lack of strong production and singular path of musicality. Fast forward 18 months and now the band is set to release their debut EP, The Veil // The Crown and showcase to the world what time has allowed them to achieve.

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Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: April 12, 2016
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: N/A


Vibrantly haunting new track from Indighost, American post hardcore outfit letting us know that they mean business. Stay tuned for more great tracks from this band! BeheadingTheTraitor: https://facebook.com/beheadingthetraitor INDIGHOST: https://facebook.com/indighxstusa Twitter // Instagram – @indighxst Mixed/Mastered by Daniel Kerr video by Kyle Hines #BeheadingTheTraitor #NewMusic

With The Veil // The Crown, Indighost have crafted a sound that blends the stylings of progressive rock and alternative to create a 3-track EP that takes the listener on an atmospherically and vibrantly haunting musical journey. From an instrumental perspective, each track is seemingly written to showcase the best of each band members’ abilities. You have intricate drumming, bouncy bass lines and creative guitar riffs that each stand out uniquely enough to distinguish from one another. Vocally, Wes Ayala shows off his range flexibility hitting high notes with relative ease. On top of his range, his vocals mesh well with the instrumentals and follow the highs and lows of the music. Lastly, from a production and writing (lyrically and instrumentally) standpoint, the band is on top of their game. Everything is tight sounding with minimal, but well placed vocal effects and synth use which only add to the overall atmosphere. Additionally, all 3 tracks open with a melancholic instrumental piece that sets the mood throughout not only each track, but carries over to the next to set the overall tone for the EP.

Writing a great sounding song is difficult enough without trying to create an individualistic style and tonality, but this outfit has done so rather impressively, and without being too grandiose. Through The Veil // The Crown, Indighost have established a sound and identity, which is something that many bands end up finding much later on, or never at all. They’ve certainly earned a place among the talented musicians of this scene, and should be commended for their hard work. This EP leaves us wanting more. Hopefully we won’t have to wait as long, but The Veil // The Crown has shown that quality takes time, and we’re okay with that. Pick up The Veil // The Crown on April 12th, it’s absolutely worth your time.

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