The Weekly Drop: March 28 – April 1 Releases

April Fools brings no trickery in releases this year, with this Friday seeing a steady amount of releases. If you’re a fan of rock music, this is your week so far as we see quite a bit of rock, with some electronic, pop punk and metal drizzled in. Take a listen to the major releases for this week below.

Released on 04.01.16 

Artist: Actual Villains
Album: Actual Villains [EP]
Genre: Pop Punk
Take a listen:

Actual Villains

Actual Villains, an album by Actual Villains on Spotify

Artist: Black Stone Cherry
Album: Kentucky
Genre: Hard Rock
Take a listen:

Kentucky (Deluxe Edition)

Kentucky (Deluxe Edition), an album by Black Stone Cherry on Spotify

Artist: Decyfer Down
Album: The Other Side of Darkness
Genre: Rock
Take a listen:

The Other Side of Darkness

The Other Side of Darkness, an album by Decyfer Down on Spotify

Artist: Devour The Day
Album: S.O.A.R
Genre: Rock
Take a listen:


S.O.A.R, an album by Devour the Day on Spotify

Artist: Explosions in the Sky
Album: The Wilderness
Genre: Post Rock
Take a listen:

The Wilderness

The Wilderness, an album by Explosions In The Sky on Spotify

Artist: Gareth Emery
Album: 100 Reasons to Live
Genre: House / Trance
Take a listen:

100 Reasons To Live

100 Reasons To Live, an album by Gareth Emery on Spotify

Artist: It Lives, It Breathes
Album: Silver Knights
Genre: Rock / Post Hardcore
Take a listen:

Silver Knights

Silver Knights, an album by It Lives, It Breathes on Spotify

Artist: Polyenso
Album: Pure In The Plastic
Genre: Indie Rock
Take a listen:

Pure in the Plastic

Pure in the Plastic, an album by Polyenso on Spotify

Artist: Shoot The Girl First
Album: I Confess
Genre: Metalcore
Take a listen:

I Confess

I Confess, an album by Shoot the Girl First on Spotify

Artist: The Algorithm
Album: Brute Force
Genre: Electronic
Take a listen:

Brute Force

Brute Force, an album by The Algorithm on Spotify

Artist: The Summer Set
Album: Stories for Monday
Genre: Pop Rock
Take a listen:

Stories for Monday

Stories for Monday, an album by The Summer Set on Spotify

Artist: Weezer
Album: Weezer (White Album)
Genre: Alternative Rock
Take a listen:

Weezer (White Album)

Weezer (White Album), an album by Weezer on Spotify

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