Band Interview: Wildways

Hot on the heels of releasing their debut album, ‘Into The Wild’ tomorrow, we got to sit down and talk to Toli Wild of Wildways. A couple weeks ago we posted our review of ‘Into The Wild’ and in this interview we got to talk to Toli about the writing process, what it was like signing to Artery Recordings, past band name, what we can expect from them in the future & more!

Kindly introduce yourself to the readers & what your position in the band is:

Toli – Vocals, Kery – Drums, Slava – Guitar, Sergey – Guitar, Harry – Bass

You used to be known as Sarah, Where Is My Tea and you’ve briefly mentioned the reasoning for changing the name. Can you go into it more and what the rebranding was all about with Wildways?

Yeah, [Sarah, Where Is My Tea] was an amazing time, I want cry every time I remember those times, but we don’t regret our choice because we decided to change the band name when we realized that we’re not those young guys anymore. It was like a new step and fresh air for us.

With the new name and rebranding came a record deal with Artery Recordings. What was that like when they offered the deal and how did it come about?

Huge thanks to our album producer Cameron Mizell who texted Eric Rushing, and the answer from Eric was like: “I like it but they’re Russians, you sure that these guys have big balls?” and Cameron said: “Fuck yeah man”. So that’s how we got a deal with Artery!

What stuck out about Artery more than other labels?

Shan Dan, he’s a “big” guy! haha

So you guys have your debut album coming out, ‘Into The Wild’ this week on March 25th. What was the writing & recording process like?

[The] writing process was easy actually because our [Previous] guitarist and I made it a good job for a year. We really wrote a lot so it was hard to choose our favorite song for the final record. Recording in U.S was fun as fuck. Best time! And the main reason why it [recording] was so fun and amazing was because [of] Cameron!

The first single from the album, “Faka Faka Yeah” has garnered a lot of attention (good and bad). What was the reasoning behind this being the first single released compared to one of the other tracks?

We just wanted to gain a lot of attention from all audiences and seems like we did it. And actually this song rad as fuck haha we love it.

How was filming the music video for “Faka Faka Yeah”?

[Filming] was fucking hell. So much fun but tiring and [we were] so drunk.

As we mentioned in our review, the record is extremely diverse and different from the single. How did you go about choosing the tracks that made it onto the record? Were you aiming for such a diverse sound or did it just happen to come about?

We actually had 30 full finished songs to record but we took only [the] twelve best and most relatable for modern times. So we have 18 songs left and some of that probably will be recorded later on future records. I don’t know how and why but we wrote really different songs and we really wanted to make this record different. Each song made everyone pick up the best for himself.

What do you hope people take away from ‘Into The Wild’?

I hope that everyone will notice that Russia has a good music, if that good, haha.

What’s your favorite track from the record?

Skins, all the way

What do you have to say to people who call you an Attila rip off based off of one song?

Aaaahm, I really don’t care about that. I’d say to them to just check out the full album =)

After ‘Into The WIld’ drops Friday, what can fans expect from you guys?

Couple of new music videos coming next!

Lastly is there anything else you’d like to announce or say to the readers?

Wait for the Russian invasion all over the world!

That about wraps it up. We would like to thank Toli for taking his time to speak with us!

Wildways have also streamed their debut album ‘Into The Wild’ which you can listen to below:

Wildways – Skins (Audio)

Wildways – Skins (Audio) NEW album ‘Into The Wild’ out NOW! iTunes: Merchnow – Google Play – Amazon mp3 – Produced by Cameron Mizell

What Are Your Thoughts!

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