I the Mighty Release Music Video for “Slow Dancing Forever”

I the Mighty have premiered their new music video for their latest single, “Slow Dancing Forever”, off of last years Connector, on Earmilk. The band is currently on The Color Before The Sun Tour with Coheed & Cambria and Glassjaw.

On the new video, the band shares: “We thought the best way to present a video for “Slow Dancing Forever” was to stay true to the song’s story. A man is visited by his recently passed ex girlfriend in the night and she begs him not to catch the flight for her funeral. He convinces himself it’s a dream, and although he feels her through out the day with her hand on his shoulder and tugging at his coat, he boards the plane anyway. At 20,000 feet, the wing breaks and he has the peaceful realization that he gets to see her again soon.

We got to take a backseat for this one and let the director, actors and realistic airplane set do all the work. We’re very proud with how it all turned out..”

I the Mighty “Slow Dancing Forever”

I the Mighty’s groundbreaking third album ‘Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go’ available now on Equal Vision Records Download/Stream: https://ithemighty.lnk.to/wherethemindID Vinyl/CD/Merch: http://ithemighty.merchnow.com/ “Slow Dancing Forever” is from ‘Connector’, available now in stores and online. Download/Stream: https://ithemigthy.lnk.to/connectorID Merch: ithemighty.merchnow.com Follow I the Mighty!

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