Cold Collective Announces Debut Album ”Bachelorette Party”; Streams ‘Away From You’

MA’s Cold Collective, the new project from Tim Landers (ex. Transit, Misser, Off and On) and members of Defeater and November 5, 1955 will release their debut full-length, “Bachelorette Party,” on May 13th via Rise Records. Preorders are up on MerchNow and iTunes along with a new track which you can stream below.

Tim Landers says, “Cold Collective is the band I’ve wanted to start since I first picked up a guitar, thirteen years ago. I’d spent the greater part of my life writing songs for others to sing, holding back in some ways. BACHELORETTE PARTY is a record I wrote amidst the darkest year of my life. The songs come from loss. Writing has always been the rock I turn to for any sort of coping- this record was something I needed to make. I locked myself in my studio at home for weeks, writing to demoing day and night. My longtime friend, producer Jay Maas, and I tracked all of the songs in a weekend, with Paul on drums. I recorded all of the instruments with Jay, and spent the following weeks tracking the vocals alone at home. We rejoined forces a couple weeks later to mix the album. Gus and Darren joined later, and we brought the songs to a live fruition. That is why I chose to call it a “collective”- eager to bring musicians I respected to play these songs with me.
“Away From You” is a special track in particular, as it is the only song I began writing before the birth of Cold Collective. It was a very different song, years ago- but it was an important piece for me to finish and include. I value songs that begin in a certain subject matter, but can speak so much more when revisited at a contrasting point in time.”

Cold Collective – Away From You (Official Music Video)

Merch: iTunes: “This is a holdup. Just give me the money and nobody gets hurt.” What are you made of? Cause a gun’s only as good or bad as the hand that holds it. I’m holding my breath and I’m crossing my fingers. Clenching my fist and I’m crossing my fingers.

Cold Collective - Bachelorette Party

[tw-toggle title=”Tracklist”]
1. Feel Out
2. Tred
3. Away From You
4. No Escape
5. Prey
6. Wanna Change
7. Bottleneck
8. Waiting On Me
9. Platonic
10. Adieu

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