Band Interview: I Hate Heroes

Just days into their headlining tour ‘Ides Of March’, ‘I Hate Heroes’ sat down to talk to us about new  music, what it was like touring on the Vans Warped Tour last summer, funny stories while on the road  and what we can expect from the band this year.

Tell us who you are, what your position in the band is, and one random fact someone may or may not know:

Ephraim Francis – Vocalist is a black belt in MMA
Jimmy Snyder – Vocalist loves to surf when he’s not on tour
Ricky Nachurski – Guitarist can be found playing soccer when not on tour
Matt Cellini – Bassist started playing guitar when he was 8
Nicholas Nachurski – Drummer who has a weird OCD with smelling food before he eats it.

So you guys have been a band since 2014, how did all you guys meet and decide to form ‘I Hate Heroes’?

Ricky and Nick were in a band and were looking for a new vocalist. In the meantime, Ephraim was in a solo project looking for a band. They met each other through their producer and decided to join each other under the name I Hate Heroes. We brought in our longtime friend Matt as our bassist. We then decided we wanted to round out our band with a second vocalist, and reached out to our current front man Jimmy Snyder, who flew in to Pennsylvania to meet and solidify the position.

You had a big summer last year with the release of your EP, ‘If Life Were a Book, I’d Skip This Chapter’. Wanna tell us a little about the recording process?

It was a good experience! We went in the studio with our good friend Ricky Armellino (This or the Apocolypse) with the songs written and we went through the process of recording it over a span of 2 weeks. We had a blast, and can’t wait to get back in to record more tracks!

Favorite track from the EP?

Ephraim – Cut Your Losses
Jimmy – Cut Your Losses
Ricky – Sincerely Pt2 or My Constant
Matt – My Constant
Nick – Deception

Along with the release of your EP, you guys got to play the east coast dates for the Vans Warped Tour, what was that like?

It was super rewarding and humbling to be able to play with bands you look up to and an honor to be part of a legendary tour. We got to meet and hang out with a lot of great musicians and friends.

Any interesting stories while on the road?

We were staying at a friends house and they said after a certain time outside is off limits because they set the alarm. There was a balcony on the 2nd floor of the house. Ricky though that the balcony didn’t have the alarm on it and went outside and set the alarm off waking everyone up in the house. It was actually pretty hilarious haha!

More recently, you released a cover of a Fall Out Boy song, was this to hold fans over till more music or was it just for fun?

It was a little of both. We always have a great time doing a cover and we all liked the song, but at the same time we wanted to give our fans something something to jam to before our next release.

Have you guys started writing new music yet?

We sure have!

You guys also just started your ‘Ides Of March Tour’, how’s that going?

The fan response has been great and each day the energy of the shows have been phenomenal.

Is it just you guys playing or are there locals that open for you?

There are local bands that open and they have all been great and supportive of us being in their hometown.

Lastly, what can we expect from ‘I Hate Heroes’ throughout this year?

New music releases as well as touring in cities that we haven’t reached yet to expand our fan base

That about wraps it up. We would like to thank the guys in the band for taking their time to talk to us!

You can stream the band’s newest cover of Fall Out Boy’s, ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ below:

I Hate Heroes – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up) – Fall Out Boy Cover

Originally Performed by Fall Out Boy Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram: Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Ricky Armellino

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