Band Interview: Foxtails Brigade

Soundfiction got the chance to talk with the band Foxtails Brigade’s vocalist Laura Weinbach about their new S/T album which comes out next month on April 8. Pre-order their new album here and check out what Laura had to say about the band’s sound, influences and more!

The band has a rather peculiar sound, how would you best describe it to somebody who hasn’t heard your music?

Late 90s – early 2000s Skittles commercial featuring Kate Bush, Scott Baio, and Steve Buschemi strapped to an ’88 Ford Festival gliding towards the dark dunes of Daytona USA and ready to taste the rainbow. 4.5/5.

What are some of the influences that the band has had while writing music?

My family members Brent, Max, Nicky, Robert and Patricia Weinbach, substitute teaching in the Oakland and South Central LA scenes, the album Mother Twilight by Faun Fables.
Foxtails Brigade has a new S/T album coming out next month, what mentality did you have when you entered the studio to record it?

Mentally: retarded. we were psyched.

How was the recording process? Why did the band decide to call the album Foxtails Brigade?

For once in our lives we had a great time. Working with Jeff Saltzman (producer) was an absolute pleasure. He was the perfect voice of guidance to keep us moving and progressing while also encouraging us to try and explore as many ideas as we wanted in terms of arrangements and tones/instruments. To answer the second part of your question: In the past we’ve felt like our recordings didn’t fully represent the sound and energy of the full live band. We’re calling this record Foxtails Brigade because finally when people ask what kind of music do we play or what do we sound like, we can actually say, the album Foxtails Brigade is what we sound like.

What are some of the themes your lyrics touch on this album?

Failure, disappointment, rejection and other fun stuff.

What makes this album stand out compared to the rest of your discography?

Lots more production and stuff. Kinda the opposite of the current trend in music (or at least what was current when we recorded), which seemed to be much more minimal, but it’s where we were at when making this record. In the past I’ve adamantly wanted to keep things fairly stripped down (with a few track exceptions) in an attempt to stay pure or whatever. But with this one, I really just wanted to go all out and see what it’d be like to make these songs as sonically vast as possible (with the exception of a few tracks). And it ended up being cool. Also, see second half of question 4.

On the band’s FB it was mentioned that the band was already working on new stuff, anything you can tell us about that?

Videos… More TBA soon!!

If the band had the chance to tour with any band in the world, which one would it be?

Joanna Newsom (at least that’s my personal pick) (Deerhoof and Blonde Redhead are up there too)

If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?

To be stohhhked.

Anything else you would like to say before we finish up this interview?

No. But thanks!

That wraps it up. We’d like to thank Laura for taking the time to chat with us!

Stream the band’s latest single ‘Nun But The Lost’  below.

Foxtails Brigade – Nun But The Lost by OIM Records

VINYL/CD/DIGITAL ALBUM HERE: Album out APRIL 8th 2016 More from @foxtailsbrigade here.

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