EP Review: Movements – Outgrown Things

I’ve had my eye on Movements for a while now. I was searching for a hardcore band that I could actually tell apart from the rest. I came across their single “Protection” and fell in love with their sound, but was disappointed when I didn’t see anything else from them at the time. Upon hearing that they had a new single out with Fearless, I was ecstatic. The same sound that was there in “Protection” is present here in Outgrown Things, and it is so powerful.


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Genre: Post-Hardcore, Emo
Label: Fearless Records
Release: March 11, 2016
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Outgrown Things is such a perfect title for this EP. When given the record, I was so excited to listen that I skipped over looking at the title and artwork and just dove right in, which was very interesting to read after listening. The name brings the lyrical ideas of the record full circle, in a way that is simple and pointed. Outgrown Things is a sort of slice of life, coming of age piece. It focuses on the speaker finding themselves and their identity when faced with opposing and constricting forces. Two things that will keep audience engaged in a series of songs are first, making the album relatable, and second telling a story, and Movements does both phenomenally here, both musically and lyrically. Outgrown Things represents a common season that, while not the most heartbreaking or uplifting, is present and huge in most people’s lives: becoming who you are.
The sound of this EP can be described as dry and raw. Movements came straight out of the gate with this one and it doesn’t hold back at all. Vocalist Patrick Miranda does an incredible job keeping his vocal lines and spoken word in line with the tone of the lyrics he’s written, and the result is that his message, and tone comes across so well. This breathes life into the record. The vocals illustrate the story so well that it puts you in the moment. The instruments aren’t slacking either, each chord, riff, beat, is orchestrated to fit the same moment. Nothing feels out of place or overbearing when it shouldn’t be. This is especially true for the drum parts. They are written and performed spectacularly, and add an extra spice where needed. The incorporation of ghost notes into fills are creative and give the dynamic rises and falls when it is most appropriate. The collaboration and hard work that Movements put in makes this Outgrown Things’ story cohesive with its musical style.
All in all, this EP is fantastic and there isn’t much bad to be said about it. If nitpicking, it could be said that there could be more variety here. Most of the songs exhibit the same feeling at some point or another and it would be nice to see Movements step outside the boundaries; however, this doesn’t much hurt the overall package, it would just be nice to see that next step. It doesn’t feel like Movements was so much unable to write different more than just wanting to portray a cohesive set ideas.

Outgrown Things isn’t just an EP by some band, it’s a collection of tracks that make you think, feel, and remember times when you were unsure of yourself, and when you stood up for yourself. Outgrown Things is an experience, and it’s something everyone should listen to it at least once.

Outgrown Things
1. Kept
2. Nineteen
3. Worst Wishes
4. Hatchet
5. Vacant Home
6. Losing Fight
Total Length: 20 Minutes & 49 seconds
Favorite Track: Nineteen

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