Gareth Emery roasts current EDM Scene with “CVNT5”

The EDM scene is one scene full of ridicule and trolling from the internet; for a few aspects: Buying social media followers, ghost production, “same sounding” styles and production all over the place and how easy it appears to be to do something people get paid millions for. Gareth Emery is no stranger to the ridicule and with his upcoming album 100 Reasons to Live coming out April 1st, he debuted a new track in the most over the top and ridiculous way possible. Rebranded himself and Ashley Wallbridge as CVNT5, the track is a way of the producer paying homage to his old sound, dropping one of the biggest melodies you’ll hear all summer long. The video…well that’s a different story. It’s a form of comedic relief at all the ongoings of the EDM scene and the over the top aspects of it. You can check out CNVT5 below and be sure to preorder 100 Reasons to Live now.


“Kingdom United”, the new album by Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge comes out May 10th, 2019.

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