Polyphia Premiere “Nightmare” Music Video

Polyphia are now premiering their third song and music video off their upcoming album Renaissance (out 03.11.16). The latest track titled “Nightmare” is a chilling new music video and was a different style for the band. You can check out the video and story behind the track/video below.

“Our new track “Nightmare” is the first 8-string piece we’ve written,” reveals Polyphia‘s Tim Henson. “The video tells the story of a ballerina practicing for perfection. Her deranged instructor appears only to make her do it over and over again. She keeps practicing the routine until her feet bleed, and she throws up blood. At the end, she thinks she finally got it perfect, but her instructor has had enough and decides to strangle her out of nowhere. As soon as he makes contact with her, she wakes up to realize that she was only having a nightmare.”

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