EP Review: Blood of the Martyrs – Endgame

Blood of the Martyrs has seen and overcome the most tremendous struggles of being in a band since their formation in 2007. Going through even just one member change in a band of musicians can be really exhausting and excruciating, never mind several. That doesn’t show here in Endgame though, as this one of the most powerful records to come out this year.
Endgame is a lengthy EP, packing a heavy sound that will floor you from it’s very first song. Filled to the brim with life and a classic hardcore energy, these seven songs give you a good taste of the direction this band is heading in.

Heavy chugs, pinch harmonics, blast beats, and heavy drum fills parade themselves over every song on the record, but they Blood of the Martyrs stills manages to give each song it’s own feel, which is very impressive. Still, it would be nice to see a slower, less intense track or two so that we have a larger break from the heavy ones. There is no doubt that this band has had a lot of time to craft their musical talents and blend their style in a way that is very cohesive to the message they are getting across. There are several musical elements that stick out from the rest though, particularly the use of flipped and syncopated rhythms, tasteful synth lines, clean vocals, and dynamically quiet sections. I’m also particularly impressed the drum parts that were written. Additionally, monologues or spoken word sections help to further advance the ideas presented in the EP, but can sometimes come off as cliché.
This is a well produced, well written, metalcore EP.  While it is far from the most wild or innovative album in its genre, it does show that it is far from being dead.

Blood of the Martyrs – “Dr. Killinger” (New EP “ENDGAME” 02.26)

New EP recorded and produced by Andreas Magnusson (Haste The Day, Oh Sleeper, Fit For A King ) out on 02.26 Preorders up now!

1. The Devil’s Grip
2. Home Insecurity
3. The Better Man
4. Dr.Killinger
5. Return to Malice
6. The Revenge Society
7. Council of Thirteen
Total Time: 27:22
Favorite Track: The Better Man

What Are Your Thoughts!

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