EP Review: The White Noise – Aren’t You Glad?

Last fall, Fearless Records expanded their roster with the addition of The White Noise. If you haven’t heard of the band then now is the time to rectify that mistake. Aren’t You Glad? is a fun blend of punk, pop and aggressive hardcore. With catchy hooks, sing-a-long choruses and loud, crunchy riffs, this is an EP for fans of hard hitting music in general.

The White Noise comes out swinging with their first song “The Doctor Will See You Now.” The song is relatively short, clocking in at only 2 minutes 14 seconds. What the song lacks in length it makes up for sheer aggression. Fast paced drums, catchy riffs, and gritty vocals make the song a perfect opener for the EP.

The next song “Bloom” encompasses the same aggression as the opener of the EP, but this time accompanied by an incredibly catchy chorus. The song has one of the bounciest breakdowns of the EP and is brimming full of angst. “Picture Day” is one of the more pop driven songs. The song has some catchy hooks. The White Noise always seem to mix things up, never relying on one trick too heavily. “Red Eye Lids” kicks it up a few octaves with a good blend of both gritty singing, screaming, hammering riffs and breakdowns.

“Brainwashed” slows things down a bit  this time employing more punk elements over sheer aggression. It is executed well and ends up being one of the stand out songs on the EP. Things are wrapped off with the song “Cosmopolitician.” The song is a blend of catchy hooks and unrelenting aggression and spitfire. With lyrics such as  “you built a world that left us paralyzed” and “I am the goddamned American dream” you can’t help but feel the anger and emotion displayed in the song.

The White Noise have kicked it into overdrive and they show no signs of slowing down.  Aren’t You Glad is a perfect blend of aggressive, abrasive, punk and pop driven music. The band has managed to craft their own unique brand of music, making it a must listen and early AOTY contender. Do yourself a favor and pick up Aren’t You Glad? on February 26th.

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