Stephen releases new song “Sincerely”

Ever since his reintroduction to the musical world, Stephen has continued to keep a consistent stream of meaningful and powerful songs releasing up to his debut album, Sincerely, Stephen due out April 26. Using his popularity and reach as a platform to spread a worthwhile message, his latest song “Sincerely” gets entirely too real and partly political.

“My generation has been mislead. We were told to fit in, pass our classes, go to college and prematurely select careers that we don’t love so we can work the rest of our lives to pay back the debt. Our curriculums smothered our creativity and evaluated our worth through standardized testing and our willingness to accept indentured servitude. We were promised independence, but all that our efforts have earned us is the illusion of freedom.”

Sincerely by Stephen

My album is a story of triumph, of letting go of all the uncertainty in my head and learning to walk the path of my own heart. “Sincerely” is about realizing how much better this world would be if we all loved ourselves, if we weren’t afraid of being vulnerable and honest.

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