EP Review: Values – Broken Nation [EP]

Citing influences such as Counterparts and ArchitectsValues debut EP Broken Nation is a culmination of hard hitting, aggressive riffs and calmer, refined melodies that would make fans of metalcore proud. The 5 piece band from Leeds have been together for less than a year, and while their debut isn’t doing anything new to set the world on fire, it provides an enjoyable listen and lays a great foundation for the band to build upon.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Ghost Music
Release: February 19, 2016
Connect: Facebook
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

“Pros and Cons” is the first track off the EP and paints a good picture for the listener on what to expect. The song starts off with fast paced, aggressive riffs which then transition into a more melodic sound.  Values rely mostly on Nathan Baker’s screams throughout the EP, while simultaneously relying on the guitarists for the melodic sound and occasionally employing singing. Vocalist Nathan Baker’s screams at times can be comparable to Architects frontman Sam Carter’s frantic and harsh style. This similarity is especially evident on songs such as “Denounced” and “Apart” where Nathan exhibits a more of a yell/sing type of vocal style.

Values – Pros & Cons

‘Broken Nation’ is now available to buy here: Bandcamp – http://bit.ly/1nBiebo iTunes – http://apple.co/1ToNOpO Amazon Music- http://amzn.to/1PZRpIv Google Play – http://bit.ly/1oHzKuW We are sick to the back teeth, of all this shit Draw the line, (Surrender it) Force fed lie after lie until we just can’t stomach this Shed the

Values keeps things fresh with their varying and well placed guitar riffs. Instead of leaning mostly on breakdowns and chugs, they aim for a more progressive metalcore sound. Don’t be fooled though as there are still breakdowns aplenty on the EP. Songs such as “Blind Ignorance” and “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” have some hard hitting breakdowns that are sure to open up the pit. The band seem to hit their stride with their more melodic songs. “Adrift” is easily one of the strongest songs on the EP, mostly due to its fantastic guitar riffs, occasional accompanying singing and melody that is displayed throughout.  Values mixes things up a bit with song “Alone.” The song is a calming, melodic instrumental that is a well placed breather on the EP.

While Values certainly isn’t reinventing the wheel or doing anything new, they have delivered a debut EP that is worth any progressive metalcore fan’s time. The heavier parts can at times blend together and drag a bit, but the melody employed throughout is one of the EPs highlights. Broken Nation is certainly impressive for a debut EP, both in musicianship and production. Broken Nation was released on February 19th, so be sure to go pick it up on iTunes or any other digital outlet.


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