Summer Scouts announce debut album, Furthest Reach

Indie Pop five-piece Summer Scouts have an eclectic sound with pop sensibilities and post-rock dynamics to make anthemic and intimately heartfelt music. This April brings their biggest step forward to date with the announcement of their debut album, Furthest Reach, out 04.15.16. Consisting of 10 tracks including their 2015 classic “Olympic White”, the album is sure to take the group to the next level. You can take a listen to last years’ single and check out the art/tracklisting below.

Summer Scouts – Olympic White

Summer Scouts’ single “Olympic White” found on Deep Breath, premiering 8.1.15 Directed by Jared Gibson Cinematography by Paul Hinson Edit and Art Direction by Lenore Romas Starring Dylan Rhyder and Kaitlin Melendez Song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Carson Slovak at Atrium Audio

Summer Scouts


Diamond Days
Olympic White
Once Lived
Carry On
Fight Off All The Years

What Are Your Thoughts!

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