Night Idea Announces New Album ”Breathing Cold”

Richmond, VA indie prog quartet Night Idea have announced their new album ”Breathing Cold” will be released on March 25th via JuJu Records. The band has shared the first single of their brand new album which you can stream below.

”Easy To Lie” is the perfect introduction to Night Idea’s smooth yet rattled madness, the single finds the band at their most “pop” while still full of lush arrangements and complex melodic shifts. The “oddball in the bunch,” “Easy To Lie” is the only track on the record with a guitar solo, but the band dive headfirst into it, calming things back into tranquility with the added string section as the song ends. The band’s influences range from Grizzly Bear to King Crimson and everything that falls between, and it’s pretty apparent upon first listen that the band focus a great deal of attention to detail.

Easy To Lie by Night Idea RVA

Indie-prog band from Richmond, VA formed in 2010. Night Idea has a broad array of sounds stemming from jazz, prog, psychedelic, and indie music.

[tw-toggle title=”Tracklist”]
1. At The Wheel
2. Silver Understanding
3. Wild
4. Easy To Lie
5. Call
6. Response
7. Overgrown
8. Breathing Cold

What Are Your Thoughts!

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