EP Review: The Days Ahead – Turning The Page

The Days Ahead have created a powerhouse in Turning The Page. A Short EP, it showcases their talents, strengths, and willingness to delve into multiple subgenres vocally and electronically.

Above all else, I have to stress how well done this album is. This a fantastic EP with production that rivals many full albums. Along with their producer, the musicians have done their job here when it comes to instrumentation and blending themselves in a cohesive and technically dynamic way. Notes and melodies are complex when they need to be. Overall, this is a very solid release; however, the lack of innovation sees us wanting more. There are some pretty obvious influences here, it’s easy to pull out musical elements from some of the more big name bands such as We Came As Romans or Crown The Empire. This is a good thing in and of itself, but leaves a lot of sections feeling generic or tired. I’d love to see some fresh musical ideas or mastering touches in future tracks.

The Days Ahead – Lifeless

Turning The Page EP out now! Available on all online record retailers.

But by no means does this make the record bad. Again, I must emphasize how well the EP came out. Overall, The Days Ahead have crafted a work with impactful lyricism that is musically adept and shows a mastery of the style they were going for, and we’re looking forward to what they’ll create in days to come.

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