Album Review: NightShade – Predilections

French metal band NightShade are releasing their upcoming album Predilections today. Along with the album comes a slightly varied sound to the old formula, which can partially be attributed to their work with well known producer Joey Sturgis. Combining a number of different elements from deathcore, metal and metalcore, Predilections has the potential to be the bands breakthrough album. From the catchy, powerhouse riffs, brutal, punishing vocals or the orchestral elements that make the album a surprisingly refreshing listen.

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Genre: Metal
Label: Marked Man Records
Release: February 12, 2016
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Make no mistake, these guys bring the heavy with this album. Frontman Trevor Birnie is an absolute beast throughout. He touts quite the impressive range from downright savage lows to shrieking highs which definitely helps each song stand on its own without blending together. The guitar work on the album is fantastic as well. The album is chock full of bouncy ‘djent’ riffs, guitar solos and guitar shredding from guitarist Alex Stap and Bastien Delulue. The drumming on the album is well executed with double bass and blast beats throughout.

NightShade – Reminisce/Solace featuring Kiarely Castillo from Conquer Divide (Playthrough)

Reminisce/Solace · NightShade featuring Kiarely Castillo from Conquer Divide New album “PREDILECTIONS” available NOW Order it HERE : More contents HERE : ℗ MARKED MAN RECORDS / MUSICAST Lyrics: Are you watching over us Amongst the stars and amongst the moon Will I

Predilections changes up stylistically halfway through; going from a heavier deathcore sound with songs such as “Sentient” and “Uchronia” while songs such as “Before We Die” and “What Dreams May Come” come off as more metalcore due to clean vocals accompanying Trevor’s unrelenting vocals. The strongest songs on the album are the songs the ones with cleans included. They pair crushing heaviness with melodic singing and it’s executed beautifully. It can be a bit distracting at times due to the fact that on some of the heavier songs you wait for the cleans to kick in but they never do. Luckily even on the heavier songs they incorporate a variety of elements to keep the listener engaged. “Uchronia” has an organ in the beginning of the song that is downright haunting and fantastic. “For Those Who Fight” has a well placed synths throughout. The attention to detail on the album is very impressive and it ends up elevating the album as a whole.  Easily the strongest song on the album is “Reminice/Solace” which touts a cameo from Conquer Divide vocalist Kiarely. Her voice perfectly accompanies Trevor’s and brings some order and melody amongst the chaos.

While the album can drag at times, most notably during the extremely heavy songs, Predilections ends up being a well rounded album. With the additions of orchestral and electronic elements throughout, it allows for some of the more bland songs to remain engaging. The mixing and mastering duties as handled by Joey Sturgis are excellent, leaving the final product sounding crisp and clean.


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