Album Review: Grayscale – What We’re Missing

Grayscale, a pop punk band out of Pennsylvania, have been building a name for themselves since 2011, and What We’re Missing is going to continue and build on that. With their full length they show that they are here to make waves.


Yes, What We’re Missing is another pop-punk record, but it isn’t just another pop-punk record. First impressions of the record were higher than I expected, but only kept rising from there; with each new song breathing more life into the experience. Admittedly, I have an apprehensive pre-disposition towards pop-punk bands, but Grayscale has managed to break them. It’s amazing what putting variance into riffs and compositions can do for a song that may have otherwise been instrumentally boring and lackluster. That coupled with a less than typical vocal narrative, keep listeners engaged and interested throughout multiple times through the record. Catchy guitar riffs with fitting melodies, and spectacular drumming, (Knowing when and when not to be there) keep this album fresh for several playthroughs.

Grayscale – Palette (Music Video)

CD/LP – Spotify – iTunes – Bandcamp – “Palette” is taken from Grayscale’s new album ‘What We’re Missing’, out NOW via Anchor Eighty Four Records.

Aside from the instrumentation, there is a hefty amount of raw emotion in this album. The kind of genuine emotion that tells you that this band is speaking straight from the heart, which is the best thing an album can do. Irish Curtains is my favorite (I would venture to say best) track on the album. Even if you decide not to buy the album, buy or listen to this song! It speaks about what seems to be deep seeded family issues with someone the narrator loves, which many people can identify with, making it even more powerful. Personally speaking, I’ve never had a pop punk song give me chills, never mind nearly bring me to tears, which should tell you something about what Grayscale is doing for this genre.

What We’re Missing is no doubt something anyone should have in their collection. Powerful lyrics, catchy riffs, advanced musicianship, dynamic ups and downs, and real emotion make this a must have. Do not, I repeat, do not sleep on this album.
What We’re Missing releases on February 12th, 2016.

Pick it up here:

What We’re Missing
1. Tense
2. Palette
3. Midwest
4. Say Something
5. Change (Alternate Version)
6. Catholic
7. Bloom
8. Irish Curtains
9. August Love
Total Length: 27 Minutes and 21 Seconds

What Are Your Thoughts!

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