Album Review: The Black Queen – Fever Daydream

Fever Daydream is, in simple words, a blast from the past. In longer words, it’s a powerful debut album that sets itself apart from other groups by having a hand in several different electronic subgenres and even different cultures and eras. The collaborative efforts of Joshua Eustis, Steven Alexander and Greg Puciato (of The Dillinger Escape Plan) have manifested themselves into The Black Queen, a genre bending experience that draws on nostalgic electronic sounds and elements, and combines them with a new age electronic sound.


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Genre: Electronic | Alternative
Label: Unsigned
Release: January 29, 2016
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Black Queen
This album opens with a powerfully atmospheric introduction track that sets you up for the wonderful journey you’re about to embark on. While “Now, When I’m This” is meant to serve as the introduction to the album, it’s also an extension of the first full track “Ice to Never” and blends beautifully together. Fever Daydream is one of those albums you have to listen to a couple times to fully appreciate; not because it’s boring or lacks creativity, but because it’s so easy to do other things while listening to it. It’s a very chill, atmospheric laid back experience that you inevitably get lost in.

The Black Queen – Ice To Never

From the debut full length “Fever Daydream”, released January 29th, 2016. iTunes download of the debut LP “Fever Daydream”: Lossless high quality download here:…… iTunes : Google Play: Amazon : Shot, directed, and edited by Rob Sheridan.

The kicker is, that the more times you listen, the more it draws you in and the more that you begin to like the songs and hear all the nuances and effort that went into this creation. I was even surprised to hear trap-style hi hats woven into a composition. While the music is where this record really shines, you would suffer by ignoring its’ lyrics. Velvety, smooth vocals compliment the well-coordinated compositions. By using syncopated rhythms, uniquely strong synth chord progressions, and well placed (sometimes funky) bass lines, this album makes me want to dance, which is always a good thing. However, there are also huge, dynamic tracks that would fit perfectly into a suspenseful movie soundtrack, which is even more impressive.

Coming in at around 43 minutes, Fever Daydream is a great buy for anyone who is a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, New Edition, and those who are into Trap Soul or Trap Step music. Even if you aren’t, still give a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

The Black Queen – Maybe We Should

iTunes download of the debut LP “Fever Daydream”: Lossless high quality download here:…… Shot and edited by Jesse Draxler and Greg Puciato. From the debut full length “Fever Daydream”, released January 29th 2016.

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