Album Review: Silver Snakes – Saboteur

From the moment you look at the album art, you can tell there is something different about Saboteur, starting with the use of the words “Orchestrated by Silver Snakes”. This is not something to be taken lightly, and neither is this album. From beginning to end, this album is different. Different from a lot of other albums coming out right now, and even different from their previous album, which makes it pretty great.

[tw-toggle title=”About Silver Snakes”]
Genre: Rock
Label: Evil Ink Records
Release: February 5, 2016
Connect: Home | Facebook | Twitter

Toting grungy, rhythmically powerful instrumentals that blend with gritty, glitchy electronic accents and beats, Saboteur is a treat for anyone searching for music that hearkens to the styles of Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson, while breathing fresh life into the sound. Combined with the dark lyrics referencing the plight of humanity, and strong vocal presence, Silver Snakes latest endeavor is a seriously emotional trip. This is something they achieved without being too riffy or complicated musically the entire time, and focusing instead on the message they wanted to convey with each track. The album tells the story of someone who sabotages others for their own benefit and has to deal with the consequences of those actions.

Silver Snakes – Red Wolf [Official Video]

Download Red Wolf now on iTunes: Buy “Saboteur” on vinyl or bundle: Buy digitally on Google Play, Amazon Music, and more: “‘Red Wolf’ was one of the last songs written for the album,” Estrada says.

It is extremely evident there has been a huge growth in the band since their previous record, and that is something to be celebrated. “Regardless of the fact that this new album might be a bit more accessible, it is still the darkest music we have ever written” explains Alex Estrada, the band’s vocalist and songwriter. Tracks “Devotion” and “The Loss” highlight this statement especially well, using satisfying harmonies and groovy, hard-driving beats to draw you in, while still having that moody, droning, presence in the guitar tone, as well as the electronic additions. With ten tracks clocking in at just under an hour (about 55 minutes), Saboteur is a solid orchestration that is worth adding to your collection for its musical individuality alone, not to mention the powerful narrative behind the music.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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