Rome Hero Foxes stream “For When You’re Falling Backwards”

Recently signed to Esque Records (owned by Kurt Travis of A Lot Like Birds), the progressive indie-rock quintet Rome Hero Foxes are set to release their upcoming sophomore full length on 01.24.16. Fortunately, thanks to Substream Magazine, you can hear the entire thing in full now.

‘For When You’re Falling Backwards’ is an album that lives up to its own name for the purpose of self-healing and growth, says vocalist C.j Burton. “This record explores every emotion and characteristic of what it’s like to be lost in yourself or in a relationship that you know you shouldn’t be a part of. As a songwriter who relies on music to get through hard times, I wanted to produce a record that documents my experiences with this theme and have it be a crutch for someone who is undergoing similar issues and hurdles in life with themselves or someone else. This album is for anyone who feels they’ve lost control and don’t have something to grab onto; it’s for when you’re falling backwards in life.

The record was produced by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio and pre-orders are available now via Esque Records.

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