Groovenom sign to Noizgate Records

There’s a new star shining brightly in the NOIZGATE sky: With GROOVENOM the
label from Bielefeld signs the shooting stars of the German trancecore scene!
Stylish, rhythmic, heavy and most of all danceable – GROOVENOM manage the
balancing act between deathcore and pop music: The sextet from Dresden really
isn’t a secret among the scene anymore! With Pink Lion, NOIZGATE Records
will release the band’s second studio album on April 8th, 2016.

Founded in 2014, GROOVENOM are pursuing a clear vision in terms of music. The six
guys from the Saxon capital easily combine solid metal elements with driving techno
beats, trendy sing-alongs and groovy rap parts – the GROOVENOM sound combines
various manifestations of the modern pop culture! Creative mastermind and head of the
group is the only 16 year-old guitarist and songwriter Tightuz, from whose feather all songs have flowed.

As a prelude to their cooperation, Pink Lion, the second studio album of
GROOVENOM, will be released exclusively by NOIZGATE Records as a redesigned
special edition digipack on April 8th, 2016. Content wise, on this album the band deals
with the growing intolerance and uniformity of the metal scene in a deliberately sarcastic
way, provocatively portraying themselves as the last hope of a youth movement that can
only think in stereotypes. By the way, Eskimo Callboy guitarist and producer Daniel
Haniß was responsible for the powerful production of this record.

Pink Lion Tracklisting:

01. Venom in Veins
02. Traitors to the Scene
03. New Wave of Mainstream
04. Bright Nights
05. Metal King
06. Unbeliever
07. Masquerade
08. Crumbling Facade
09. Pink Lion
10. Walking on Shards
11. Generation Porn
12. Apartment 69 (feat. Jason Melidonie)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Deadbeat
14. Traitors to the Scene (Candlelight-Edit)
15. NWOM (Brutal Party Remix)
16. Pink Lion (Brutal Party Remix)

What Are Your Thoughts!

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