Spinefarm Records announce three new signings

The Finnish heavy metal label Spinefarm Records have announced a large extension of their roster by adding a diverse array of bands — Royal Thunder, The Browning and Helhorse. For those unfamiliar with the bands, you can check out a bit about them each below.

Royal Thunder‘s unique, genre-bending sound has been turning heads since guitarist Josh Weaver founded the band in Atlanta, Ga. His songwriting, plus bassist Mlny Parsonz’s soul-searing vocals, have led to worldwide critical acclaim. Two full-length albums and a plethora of tours later, the quartet are set to begin their next chapter as part of the Spinefarm Records family.

The Browning have steadily made their presence known in the international metal scene since their album debut in 2011. The Kansas City band, centered around mastermind Jonny McBee, released the crushing Hypernova in 2013 and promptly hit the road across the UK, Europe and North America. Blurring the lines between multiple styles of electronic music, metalcore, and deathcore, McBee has firmly entrenched The Browning as musical innovators in an ever-expanding cultural crossover scene. They are currently working on their Spinefarm debut, which is planned for release this summer.

Five-man sludge merchants Helhorse hail from Denmark. With their raw and almost unholy, mixture of dirty metal, punk, and classic rock, Helhorse have positioned themselves on the Nordic rock/metal stage as a force to be reckoned with. Their third full-length offering will be released in 2016 via Spinefarm worldwide.

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