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We got to talk to Vocalist, Ian Slagle from the Melodic Hardcore band Motives. In the interview you will read about the recording process of their latest album, This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping, which was released last year as well as more information on the record. Also, you will find out what is in store for the band this year.


1. Kindly introduce yourself, what your band position is, and some unknown tidbit people may or may not be aware of.

My name Is Ian Slagle, and I provide the main vocals. I enjoy climbing everything, and I have a six year old daughter in two of our music videos.

2. Back in July, you guys announced your signing to InVogue Records. What was the feeling of the band like at that time and what went into the process?

In the months before talking with InVogue Records, we were pretty set on self releasing This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping. At the same time, we sent our album around to various labels, just to see if we could get any offers and keep our options open. It was natural word of mouth that got us in contact with InVogue. Tyler Isch, from Dependence, liked us enough to put in a good word and get on InVogue’s radar. We had already released our first single and video from TWNDMS, “Timeless,” and I feel like that had a big part in getting a deal going with InVogue, since that was a small taste of what we were about to put out there.

3. After the signing announcement, you released your debut full-length in September, This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping. Where did the name for the record come from? Any special meaning behind it?

The album title is picked from a lyric in the song, “Komorebi.” The song’s overall tone is set by describing a bland, grey reality to mirror depression and apathy towards the routine of a mundane life. The song resolves with color pouring back into the world and returning to a happiness that feels like home, by means of something very important to you, whether it be a loved one, music, etc. In short, it can seem like everything around you is dead, but there are things I cherish in life that are able to wake me up and feel alive again.

4. What’s your favorite song off the album? Hardest song to create/write and why?

I think my favorite song is “Timeless.” It just flows great, and is a blast to play live. There’s a nice fast pace to it, and it’s fun to sing along to. I think the hardest song to write, at least for me, was “On A Hilltop, Past A Valley.” This is mostly due to the subject matter and the events that I was writing about. It was a really uncomfortable and complicated situation that resulted in someone I knew taking their own life. I had only spoken to him maybe a week before everything went down, and just watching how it effected his family, whom I was very close to, was haunting. It isn’t a feel good song in the slightest, but every time I hear it or we play it, I’m connected to it in a way that will make me remember that time and what I had witnessed and what i had learned.

5. ‘Carry The Weight’ featured No Bragging Rights vocalist Mike Perez. What was it like working with Mike? What was it that made him the right feature for the album?

Mike is a great dude, and I’m glad he’s been such a friend to us. We got to know each other from hanging at shows, and, oddly enough, Snapchat. I would send him snaps of me drooling on myself, and for some reason he liked that. I asked mike to sing on “Carry The Weight,’ because I know he and NBR are very aware, and often speak on the topic of the heartache self harm and depression can cause. The song is about being there for people struggling with that, and just simply being there can save their life. When I asked Mike if he’d like have a part in it, he was right on board. He’s also just an easy going dude.

6. Moving forward, you guys have an upcoming tour with Conveyer & Dependence in January. What songs can fans expect to hear?

We’re mostly playing songs from TWNDMS, but we may play a few older ones like “Discontent.” We’re picking songs with higher energy for this run.

7. We were recently informed that you guys are going back into the studio next year. Who are you going into the studio with, what sort of ideas do you have for the next project and what’s the overall mood like with your next material compared to previous material?

We’re only currently reaching out to producers for estimates and trying to plan a good timeframe for us, and that involves planning with our label as well. So far, the new material is definitely reflecting our growth as a band, and we’ve been exploring with a few different things. It’s less safe, but without losing our sound. I can say it will be noticeably more aggressive in tone than anything else we’ve released, but we’ll still have some pretty parts.

8. Can you give us any details on if it’s an EP or full-length and any other details?

We’re aiming for at least another ten song release. I’d like to have it out before next winter, but it’s too early to say for sure.

9. Lastly, what can fans expect from the band in 2016?

Movement. Heartfelt songs. Extensive touring. Tons of writing.

10. That about wraps it up, thank you for taking time out of your day to talk to us.

Thank you for having us!

You can listen to the band’s single, ‘Timeless’, below:

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