Band Interview: Hazing

In late October, a relatively unknown band made a giant leap in the music scene with the announcement of their signing to InVogue Records. That band, known as Hazing, is quickly becoming a forefront of the emo/punk scene in the Kansas City, MO area. With their debut album coming in the first half of this year, the band will undoubtedly reach a wider audience. Take a read below and see what their drummer (JoJo) has to say about some of the highlights the band has recently gone through.

Please state who you are, what your position in the band is, and one random fact about yourself someone may or may not know.

I’m Jojo and I play drums. Something I’ve never told anyone is that I’ve tried to learn the Boogaloo because I wish I could dance like James Brown.

Hazing was formed back in 2014. What made you want to be in a band? Who were your inspirations and where did the name Hazing come from?

I’ve always loved music and learn as many instruments as I can. As far as being in a band, it took guys with like minded goals and dreams with music. Hazing is the outcome of that.

More recently, you guys announced that you signed to InVogue Records as well as the announcement of a full length in early 2016. What was the experience like signing with InVogue? What do you think sets you guys apart from your other labelmates?

The experience is awesome. It is a partnership that’s developing with good vibes. Every band on the label has its own unique thing which excites us. You’ll have to wait for the album to drop to see what we’re about haha.

Along with the signing announcement, you released a music video for your single, “Ghost Runner At Home”. What was the filming process like? What is the meaning or story behind the song? Do you think the music video does justice to the meaning.

The video shoot was cool, but it’s much different from playing live. You have to create your own energy without a crowd. The video turned out great and working with Andrew was smooth. The short story behind the song is a kid feeling unwelcome in his own home.

Moving on to the title of your debut album, where did the name Disconsolate come from? What’s the meaning behind it?

The album is overall dark, in an artsy way. The name just seemed to fit perfectly.

You guys recorded the album in Portal with Ryan Furlott. What was it like working with him? How much of the album did he help shape?

Ryan became our bro, though he probably got tired of our craziness but that’s what bros are for! We had pretty much all of the songs done except a couple, but Ryan helped a great deal. He helped discipline me to not hit so many drums at once, but in all honesty he’s probably the only one who could catch the vibe we are after.

With Disconsolate coming soon, what are your plans after that? Any touring in the future?

We just announced So What fest! Once the album drops, we plan to try to tour as much as we can.

Finally, is there anything you would personally like to say or announce at this time?

Appreciate your time, hope you like the music. We’ll have another single with a video when the album is out, but that’s all the info I can give. See you soon on tour!

You can connect with Hazing on Facebook or Twitter and pick up a copy of the single, “Ghost Runner at Home” on iTunes.

Hazing – Ghost Runner At Home (Official Music Video)

Off of the album “Disconsolate” CD/Merch: iTunes: Spotify: GERMANY: —– now by a show of hands how many times did you put your hands on me did it hurt to try to justify your insecurities as every reason for the lost and lonely life you love

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