Album Review: Years Young – Hiraeth [EP]

Starting off as a new band isn’t an easy thing; you have no idea what your sound will be like, no clue if anyone will like your music and are always hopeful for the best, but most likely preparing for the worst. It’s indefinitely harder when you’re labeled as one of the most anticipated bands of 2015 by many outlets and draw influences from other massive acts you will undoubtedly be associated with such as Biffy Clyro, Mallory Knox and Don Broco. Entering the fray in November of 2014, Years Young is a new face on the music scene that had spent 9 months carefully preparing to launch their name and sound on the world.

[tw-toggle title=”About Years Young”]
Genre: Rock
Label: Signal Records
Release: January 15, 2016
Connect: Home | Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

The band’s first endeavor, Hiraeth, could’ve followed the tropes many young and new British bands seem to encounter with a very traditional, simplistic sound; but it didn’t. From the get go you are introduced to a variety of elements in the music – with tracks like “Miracles” and “Electric” opening with the slow, emotionally driven plucking of the guitar strings building into the full sound that swirls and rumbles with a certain passion about it. Other tracks, such as “Paper Mountains” take the more simplistic and softer sound and reinvigorate it by taking the intensity and energy of the track up a few levels.

Years Young – Sleeping Easy (Official Music Video)

Music video for Sleeping Easy (Official Music Video) performed by Years Young. Site: Twitter: Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram: Copyright (C) 2015 Years Young. — Powered by

Clocking in at just a little over 22 minutes, Hiraeth has meaty tracks that are familiar, yet different enough to make them memorable and standout amongst a very crowded genre full of a large swath of same-y sounding bands. While the EP is full of catchy hooks and memorable choruses, there’s something not so direct about it after you give it a few listens. While Hiraeth may not be a massive game-changer, they certainly are more than ready to take on the rock world while adding their own sense of style and flair to the genre.

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