Dead Lakes Nothing Is Sacred [EP] Post Hardcore
Divided Heaven Cold War Indie / Pop Rock
Eisley I'm Only Dreaming…Of Days Long Past Acoustic / Reimagined
God Alone Bent Shoulders Post Punk / Noise Rock
If Not For Me Capture the Current [EP] Metalcore
Said The Sky Wide-Eyed Future Bass
The Agony Scene Tormentor Metalcore
The Home Team Better Off Pop Punk
Trash Boat Crown Shyness Pop Punk
Ume Other Nature Rock
While She Sleeps You Are We [Special Edition] Metalcore
Fine Creatures Electric La La Land [EP] Alternative Rock
Like Pacific In Spite of Me Pop Punk
No Better It Felt Like Glass Indie Rock
Oh Weatherly Lips Like Oxygen Pop Rock
Rome Hero Foxes 18 Summers Indie Rock
Rosen Rosen [EP] Nu-Metal
Talons We All Know Post Rock
Venues Aspire Post Hardcore
Victory Kid Thrillenials [EP] Pop Punk


Alteras Myself On Fire [Ep] Rock
Crossfaith Ex_Machina Metalcore
Earth Groans Rahab [EP] Hardcore
For A Life Unburdened Contempt/Clarity Metalcore
Hadal Maw Charlatan [EP] Tech Death / Metal
Makari Hyperreal Alternative Rock
Mass Sky Raid Science of Fiction Alternative / Progressive Rock
Spirit Animal Born Yesterday Alternative Rock
Tides of Man Every Nothing Instrumental Post Rock
Time the Valuator How Fleeting How Fragile Post Hardcore
Trophy Eyes The American Dream Rock / Punk
As It Is The Great Depression Pop Punk
Bad Rabbits Mimi R&B
Erra Neon Metalcore
Of Misery Black Noose [EP] Deathcore / Downtempo
Sinsaenum Repulsion for Humanity Death Metal
With Confidence Love and Loathing Pop Punk
ANNISOKAY Arms Post Hardcore
Ariana Grande Sweetener Pop
Belmont Belmont Pop Punk
Blue October I Hope You're Happy Alternative
Dizzy Baby Teeth Dream Pop
Earther The House Always Wins [EP] Indie Rock
Homebound More To Me Than Misery [EP] Pop Punk
My Brothers And I My Brothers And I [EP] Pop
PVMNTS Better Days [EP] Pop Punk
Sails of Serenity The Crossing Progressive Metal / Djent
Sleep Waker Don't Look at the Moon Hardcore
Actor Observer Pareidolia Post Hardcore
Alice In Chains Rainier Fog Rock
Calm For The Restless Finish What You Started Alternative Rock
FTRZ The Ocean Park [EP] Alternative Hip Hop
Justice Woman Worldwide Electronic
Letting Go Something To Me Post Hardcore
Nonpoint X Nu-Metal
Send Request Perspectives Pop Punk
The Amity Affliction Misery Post Hardcore
AVOID Alone Modern Rock
Black Water Chemistry Return To Ashes [EP] Metalcore
Circles The Last One Progressive Rock
Roseview The Misery In Me Melodic Hardcore
Steve 'N' Seagulls Grainsville Bluegrass
Stone Sour Hydrograd [Deluxe Edition] Alternative Metal
WSTR Identity Crisis Pop Punk


I Hate Heroes Save Yourself Post Hardcore
Boston Manor Welcome To The Neighbourhood Pop Punk
Happy. Cult Classic Pop Punk
Missyou YourBody [EP] Alternative Pop / Rock
Set Sights The Heavy Alternative Hardcore
The Night Game The Night Game Pop
Fatherson Sum of All Your Parts Indie Rock
Fit For A King Dark Skies Metalcore
From Inside When I'm Breathing Without You [EP] Metalcore
Good Charlotte Generation Rx Alternative Rock
Living With Lions Island Punk Rock / Pop Punk
Monster Truck True Rockers Modern Rock
The Dirty Nil Master Volume Rock
Thrice Palms Rock / Post Hardcore
HYPOPHORA Douse Post Hardcore
I:Scintilla Swayed Electronic Rock
Four Seconds Ago The Vacancy Electroonic
FRND Before U I Didn't Exist [EP] Electronic
Hail The Sun Mental Knife Progressive Rock
The Black Queen Infinite Games Alternative / Experimental


Coheed and Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures Progressive Rock
Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream Post Hardcore
twenty one pilots Trench Alternative
Youth Killed It What's So Great Britain? Indie Punk


SHVPES Greater Than Alternative Rock