Band Interview: League MVP

We got to sit down and talk to the guys in League MVP who have received a lot of attention for their cover of One Direction’s hit single, “Perfect”. In the interview the band talks about their previously released single and what the future holds for League MVP.

1. Please state who you are, what your position in the band is, and one random fact about yourself someone may or may not know:

    1. Julian LaFace – Guitar – I am a proud father to a beautiful three year old girl named Emmy Jane.
    2. Ryan Clini – Bass – I was in a skateboarding accident when I was younger which left me with no sense of smell.
    3. CJ Cadena – Guitar/Vocals – I sing Frank Sinatra almost every time i’m in the shower.
    4. Joey Ouellette – Vocals – I’m the biggest clutz, I spill everything.
    5. Junior Scarpa – Drums – I love ranch dressing on my pizza.

2. League MVP was created in 2015. Were any of you in any bands prior? If so, what were the names? Where did the name ‘League MVP’ come from?

We have all been involved in numerous projects over the past few years. But, most recently a few of us were in a melodic hardcore band together called Resister. (

3. Back in October you released a single titled, Twenty-Two, which featured Broadside’s Ollie Baxxter. What was the meaning and inspiration behind the single?

Twenty Two was written about overthrowing whatever obstacles life puts in your way to better your  character.  It also was to show that no matter how bad things may get you will always have someone in your corner to fight back with you.

4. How was it working with Ollie Baxxter while recording the single? Did he have any hand in writing it?

It was a pleasure working with such a talented musician. We sent him the lyrics and told him to “Do your thing homie!” and we couldn’t have been more stoked about it!

5. More recently, you guys covered One Direction’s “Perfect” a little less than a week ago. What made you want to cover this song in specific? How do you think it turned out personally?

We originally wanted to cover this song because from the first time we heard it we automatically pictured what it could sound like with our own touch. But, let’s be honest who doesn’t love One Direction.

6. The cover has received a lot of attention for only being up 5 days with over 10,000 views. How does it make you feel that so many people have listened to it?

The feeling is so surreal that so many people would take the time out of their hectic schedules to listen to a song by a band they probably have never heard of. The overwhelming response is really inspiring and it is pushing us harder than ever before to pursue our dreams.

7. Moving on to the future of League MVP, where do you see the band a year from now? Any new music coming soon? Any offers from a record label? Touring?

Honestly, it’s hard to say where we will be in a year from now. We have a lot of things in the works behind the scenes that we can’t wait for everyone to see. In 2016 fans can expect; new music, our debut record, music videos, more merch, upcoming shows, and hopefully even a few tours if we’re lucky!

8. That about wraps it up, is there anything else you guys would like to say and or possibly be able to reveal exclusively on Soundfiction at this moment?

We just want everyone to know that this is just the beginning. Keep your eyes and ears open in early 2016 for some rad things coming from the League MVP squad!

You can listen to their cover of, ‘Perfect’, below:

One Direction – Perfect [Band: League MVP] (Punk Goes Pop Style) “Pop Punk Cover”

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION L I K E / C O M M E N T / S U B S C R I B E LIKE? SUBSCRIBE! ” DOWNLOAD Outro Song – Ballad of A Dead Man: iTunes: Spotify: Bandcamp: ____________________________________________________ (BAND INFORMATION) Check out League MVP’s cover of One Direction’s song, Perfect!

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