Band Interview: Come and Rest

After announcing their signing to Equal Vision Records in October, the metalcore outfit Come and Rest extended their Blacklist Tour thru the end of November. While I wasn’t able to personally attend when the tour came through my city, I was presented an opportunity to ask the guys some questions about the signing, thoughts on bands changing sounds and more. You can take a read below and  — and be sure to be on the lookout for more interviews from other bands in the future.

Please introduce yourselves, along with some random fact that someone may or may not be aware of about you.

I’m Noel Alejandro and I am the vocalist of Come and Rest. It’s not very random but I’m really into superhero movies and and the overall superhero universe. Marvel and DC.

You guys just recently signed with Equal Vision. If you can talk about it, what was that process like? What was it that made Equal Vision the label you ended up with?

It was crazy how it happened. The label came to watch us at a show we played in Chicago. It was probably the most impeccable show we have ever played. If there is one thing you should know about us is we are our worst critic. We are never satisfied with our shows and always want to do better. So saying that we played impeccable means something. They saw our passion and how much we wanted it so they gave us an opportunity. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of the EVR family.

Along with the signing, there was the reissue of Blacklist. Was anything different about it (remixing or remastering) compared to the previous release of it or what was the reason for the reissue?

EVR believes in that album. So they wanted to give us a bigger platform so more people could listen to it. 

A lot of bands talk about how their fans are the main driving force behind their. It’s also pretty well known that some bands talk a lot to their fans about their life experiences and what they’ve been through as influences for their new music. What drives you guys? 

We want to be as transparent as possible. It’s definitely easier said than done but we want our fans to trust us as much as we trust them. Our drive is their drive. 

With a multitude of artists growing and maturing, their sound tends to take a new shape and it seems to cause a pretty diverse reaction with their old and new fans. For example, your new label mates We Came As Romans new album drifted rather heavily towards a more rock and potential mainstream sound. What are your guys’ thoughts on the change of sound from bands like this and where do you anticipate taking your material next?

It’s inevitable. As you grow, mature and experience life, your music takes that same path. We feel the same way about it. We won’t be listening to the same music 2 years from now, and to us that is very exciting. 

As you’ve stated, this is only the beginning for you guys. So what are the upcoming plans for next year and beyond? Presumably a new EP/album and touring of course. Anything you can talk about?

Touring forever and ever. There are no definite plans as to going to a studio but we have been writing for a full length for about a year. So when that time comes we will be ready.

You can connect with Come and Rest on Facebook or Twitter and pick up a copy of the Blacklist EP on iTunes.


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