Everyone Dies In Utah sign to InVogue Records

Almost 3 years since their last album and over a year since the release of their independently released single “Exodus”, Temple, TX metalcore outfit Everyone Dies In Utah have unveiled the next step in their careers with the announcement of their signing to InVogue Records. The band has been diligently working on new material and plan to release their self titled, label debut album this coming spring. In addition, the band has release the album art (seen below).

Lead singer Danny Martinez says, “We’ve been touring non-stop for the past couple of years and our fans want a new album. They’re very loyal and it is time we give it to them. I think we found the perfect home for Everyone Dies in Utah. We are excited to be on InVogue Records! This upcoming album will be self titled because in a sense this album is us, we aren’t writing about a central theme of any kind. We’re writing about us, our life, and our struggles. I’m beyond excited to unleash this to the world with inVogue Records!”

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Everyone Dies In Utah - ST

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