Provenance Release Two-Track EP

After taking to Facebook a few days ago to discuss few issues and member departures, Melodic-Hardcore group, Provenance, have released a two track EP called, ‘Through Eyes At Last I Saw In Tears’, consisting of two new tracks titled, ‘Normandy’ & ‘Wait’.  The EP comes just 2 days after the band announced that their bassist would be leaving permanently. The band also discussed other issues on why they have been quiet on new music for so long. However, the band made it very clear that they are not breaking up.

You can read the band’s full statement that was posted on December 1st and listen to ‘Through Eyes At Last I Saw In Tears’ below:

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I think it’s time for us to come clean about some things that we’ve been keeping from you all for a long time…
We’ve continuously been going quiet for weeks on end; not releasing many updates and it’s almost as if we’ve completely dropped off the face of the Earth. We’ve been trying our hardest to keep the band alive, but have been met with constant unfortunate circumstances.
A few months ago we were informed by our bassist, Josh, that he would be leaving the band permanently. This came as a surprise to all of us and definitely threw an emotional twist into what was already a difficult situation. With that alongside other obligations in each of our lives’, the band had to be put on hold for what we thought would be a short amount of time — weeks turned into months and we are now at a point where we’re unsure of the band’s future.
We’re not breaking up. We’re still writing new music; we still have a new song to release; we’ll still play shows every once in a while, but things are just coming slowly for now. I don’t know what is going to happen, I can’t predict the future, but I love this band more than anything.
I really hope you decide to stick around because it’s been really hard for all of us and without you all, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point.
“Lost at sea, I thought I’d never be.”

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