Album Review: Come Wind – Move In Place

Come Wind isn’t a new band. The Canton, Ohio quintet has been around since 2009 and after 6 years as a band they’ve only released 2 EP’s. That all changes with their debut album, Move In Place. The album comes after years of growth and experience, plus the addition of 2 new members that make up the quintet today. The band has managed to craft an album that exemplifies their growth and maturity and showcases a new direction; a folkier and slightly poppier sound harkening back to other indie bands such as Tokyo Police Club while still hinting at their original roots.

[tw-toggle title=”About Come Wind”]
Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Independent
Release: November 20, 2015
Connect: HomeFacebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

The beginning of the album is unique as it starts off with a slow, serenading musical piece with Pt. I of the title track. The quintet decided to take a risk and split the title track into two parts, appropriately opening the album and closing the album with the split parts. As stand alone tracks, there isn’t anything magical about this split, but as a whole, it really wraps up the album into a nice solid package essentially beginning and ending on the album as if it were one long, complete journey.

Come Wind – Clarity (Official Video)

Come Wind – “Clarity” from the album “Move in Place” available 11/20/2015 MOVE IN PLACE AVAILABLE NOW | Physical Copy: | Itunes: Follow Come Wind: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Store: Directed by Roman Luck

Following up the somber beginning to the album, Move In Place kicks into gear right away with the second track “Birds Will Never Fly”. The ability to flip between the melancholy, cathartic and emotional sound to a more uptempo, catchy and fully realized rock sound makes Move In Place a rather special piece of music. No matter the energy the band brings to each song, the lyrical theme stays in place throughout the whole album. For fans of music that tells a story and takes you on a deep, thought-provoking journey, Move In Place should feel at home in your library.

While the album is full of intense and emotionally deep songs, “Vacant” was the initial track that stood out to me on the first playthrough. The feeling of being empty that the lyrics present complimented by the echoing guitars and vivid soundscape offer a catchy, twangy sound that had me tapping along. This track is followed up by perhaps the standout track of the album, “Clarity”. Flowing in so well from the previous track, “Clarity” is a powerful track that offers the sing-along track that every album tends to have due to it’s catchy chorus, punchy melody and clean breaks.

The beautiful thing about Move In Place is that it isn’t the same as everything out there; it’s an album that is seemingly based off of love, depression, emptiness and moving on. Emotions and experiences many of us have all felt at one point or another in life. This makes it more accessible to the public, but not necessarily more mainstream. As a purveyor of music, Come Wind has done a brilliant job of blending the old with the new while maintaining what has made them the band they’ve been for the past 6 years. If you’re in need of a change of pace from your current catalog and want to not only hear music, but undoubtedly feel it, Move In Place is the album for you.

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