Album Review: Altered Sky – Without Wonderland

Typically I’m not a huge fan of female singers in rock music. It’s not for any sexist reasons. I’m well aware that plenty ladies of the mic can belt it out even harder than their male counterparts, but for some reason I just couldn’t wrap my ears around it. There wasn’t any one particular dire reason than it just wasn’t for me. But maybe it took a fellow Scottsman to change my mind (albeit I’m a Canadian of Scottish decent, so not quite the “real deal”). Altered Sky’s vocalist Ana Nowosielska has truly lulled me with her sirens song.


Altered Sky has a whole are a very talented band. Guitarist Rich Passe, although not playing the most difficult of riffs, is well aware of how to put together the right chords for the right sound which result in some sweet sounding, catchy riffs. Bassist Ross Archibald melds perfectly with the other musicians to form the perfect accentuation for the guitar and mirrors the rhythm of the drums to give them that extra kick. Drummer/backing vocalist Amy Blair perfectly hits stick to skin and gets you tapping your feet along to every song.

The band has an uncanny ability of conveying emotions simply by the sounds that emit from your speakers, but it’s the singing from Nowosielska that truly captures the show. She’s able to almost softly hum out words that seem to soothe every inch of your heart, but it’s the higher pitches that truly send shivers to your core. This is demonstrated wondrously in songs like ‘White Witch’, ‘Waves’, and ‘Live For It’ (in all honesty though in my personal opinion her voice can do no wrong on any track). The only downside (for lack of a better word) is I’d wish she would hit those higher notes more often, cause that is when she truly shines.

Without Wonderland was self funded by the band, and you can truly hear that the band put everything they got into this record. There isn’t a note, beat, or rhythm that doesn’t have their metaphorical blood, sweat, and tears all over it. Nowosielska even altered the name and lyrics of the song ‘This War Is Mine’ multiple times, just to make sure it was at its most absolute perfection. There’s even a slight homage to the Harry Potter films, which only adds to show her attention to detail. True emotion of loss, loss, happiness, and even anger can clearly be felt, and that’s what music is about; sharing ones emotions with those all-over the world. Altered Sky surely has altered my views on women’s vocals in rock music (horrible pun intended). Thank you Ana Nowosielska for opening my ears with your fantastic singing.


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