Album Review: All Will Know – Deeper Into Time

There is a common saying in life that its the little things that matter. In music that is often the case as well. Sometimes the little things are what make a band fun.The little things are what makes All Will Know an enjoyable listen.

All Will Know are a melodic death metal band hailing from Germany. Their sophomore album Deeper Into Time is set for release on November 20th, 2015. Their sophomore album contains what you would except from a death metal band: melodic choruses, crunchy riffs, pounding double bass and of course accompanying keys. One of the bands greatest strengths is surprisingly the keys. A lot of the songs on the album are your standard death metal and don’t particularly stand out but its the keys that help elevate the songs into something unique. While keys isn’t something new in a melodic death metal band, All Will Know executes it well. Songs such as “Home”, “Deeper Into Time” and “The Rain I Bring” are examples of this. “Home” stars off with a great synth intro and the synth is found throughout the song complimenting the catchy riffs and frantic double bass.


“The keys and infectious guitar riffs steal the show and make an otherwise formulaic album an enjoyable and memorable listen”


Another standout feature of this album is the catchy riffs and obvious talent displayed by guitarists Steffen Henneberger and Jan Jansohn. The song “Still, Cold and Lost” starts off with bouncy guitar riffs that immediately has you hooked. There is also a fun guitar solo about halfway through the song that gives you a chance to take a breather before delving back into chaos. Many songs on the album feature a guitar solo, which is a welcomed addition. “Towards Deliverance”, “Reset That Clock” and “Solitude in Fear” are some of the more heavy songs on the album and also showcase some of the albums catchiest riffs.

Vocal duties on the album are handled by Frank Richter. While he is an obviously talented vocalist, there isn’t anything that makes him standout above his fellow peers in the genre. The unclean vocals are shrieking throughout and even guttural and punishing at times. The clean vocals are what you would expect from a death metal band. They are melodic and enjoyable but not really anything to write home about.

Overall Deeper Into Time doesn’t break any new ground, but is still an enjoyable listen that is sure to leave death metal fans pleased. The keys and infectious guitar riffs steal the show and make an otherwise formulaic album an enjoyable and memorable listen. If you are a fan of death metal be sure to check out All Will Know when their sophomore album drops November 20th!

[tw-toggle title=”All Will Know”]
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Noizgate Records
Release: November 20th, 2015
Connect: Facebook Official Site


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