Come And Rest Signs With Equal Vision

Atlanta, GA’s Come and Rest has signed to Equal Vision Records and are re-releasing their EP, Blacklist, on November 13. The band has premiered a music video for one of the songs along with preorders for the EP on Merchnow. You can stream the music video below and check out what vocalist Noah Alejandro has to say about the EP and signing

Come and Rest “Slowburn”

Come and Rest’s EP ‘Blacklist’ is available now: Lyrics: I’ll say this a thousand times, You don’t own me. Scars beneath the skin isn’t my only escape. Slow burn, don’t pull my feet from under me. Drench myself with gasoline. Slowburn. A slow burn, to take the pain away.

“We like to take risks and we are never satisfied with where we are. We are constantly looking for new ground to build on,” shares vocalist Noel Alejandro. “EVR is the same way. We have the same mindset and it is only natural that we are now working together. There couldn’t be a better fit for us, we are so happy to a part of this family.”

Of the new EP he reveals, “Blacklist was written at a time where all four of us were going through a really tough time with life. The similar situations of angst and anxiety brought us closer together. All we had was each other. We wrote Blacklist for us to be able to move on. On this EP, people can expect transparency. Everything from the bass to the keys has a voice. A purpose. Expect fast paced melodic music that we hope you can connect with. Everything that we do on Come and Rest we also want to capture live, so everything also has a voice on stage.”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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