EP Review: OCE∆NS – Year One

When I first heard of the band OCE∆NS, I was just browsing through Facebook and saw a post from a fellow Facebook-er with a link to their Bandcamp. Being the curious music lover that I am, I decided to check it out. Having no prior expectations due to my opinion on the post-hardcore scene as of late (having been an overflow of repetitiveness), I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case with OCE∆NS EP, Year One.

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Genre: Post Hardcore | Post-Rock | Alternative Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: October 6, 2015
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Purchase: Bandcamp | iTunes


Upon hearing the first track, Luna, the opening piano along with the subtle fading in of guitar immediately captured my attention. While already being drawn by the instrumentals of the song, when the vocals came in I was just completely blown away by the rest of the track. Moving on to the second track of the EP, Anatomy, the vocals bare an astonishing similarity to those of Jonny Craig’s at some points, and is definitely one of the more stand-out songs on the EP. The next track, Hopeless Romantic, consists of the once again Jonny Craig-esque vocals, along with a killer instrumental performance. The final track, Anything & Everything, is the slowest track on the EP but still manages to capture the entrancing and exciting sound that OCE∆NS are going for.


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All in all OCE∆NS put out a solid effort, that will definitely reign in your attention and make you come back again and again. With the amazing talent set forth by all musicians in the band and the incredible vocals that Robby Ziccardi belts out. I would certainly recommend this EP to fans of bands like Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig, Slaves, etc. You can pick up Year One on the band’s bandcamp or on iTunes.

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