Marshmello drops new song “KeEp IT MeLLo (feat. Omar Linx)”

One of the most entertaining and mysterious acts to pop up during 2015 has been the DJ/Producer known as Marshmello. Self classifying his sound as ‘deep fluffy hybrid melodic sexy trap house’, Marshmello has put out an insane amount of originals and remixes of artists like Avicii, Ariana Grande and Jack U. The mellogang has never been stronger; and today it got even better with his latest track “KeEp IT MeLLo (feat. Omar LinX)”. With Omar on the vocals, you know this track was going to be on point from the start as he is one of the very few rappers who knows how to execute hip hop verses over original EDM stylized beats. You can stream and download the song for free below.

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What Are Your Thoughts!

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