Pyro, Ohio get personal with “The Truest Reflection”

Virginian natives Pyro, Ohio have premiered their latest, and most personal song to date, “The Truest Reflection” over at Substream. This is the first single off their upcoming debut album Keepsakes which is due for release on November 13th. Recently, the band was selected as one of the top American unsigned bands by Hot Topic and played the Charlotte, NC date of this past summers Warped Tour.

Per guitarist Jake Whalen, Keepsakes is about tangible things we hold onto over the years to keep our memories alive. Our memories can be a warm, happy nostalgia or a suppressed nightmare. The themes of the album are sort of a dichotomy between the good memories and bad memories. For every song with a positive theme, there is a counterpart song with a more negative theme. Good or bad, our past is what makes us who we are today.”

You can view the video for “The Truest Reflection” below.

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Pyro, Ohio – The Truest Reflection

Debut full length album “Keepsakes” OUT NOW!

What Are Your Thoughts!

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