Novelists show off some skin with “Echoes” video

The French are always doing things on the risque side of the line, and Novelists keeps that line of thinking with their latest video for “Echoes”, which will live on their upcoming album Souvenirs. The video is shot to essentially encompass a full band play-through of the entire song showing off each members skillsets and expertise. Then, for some reason, thing’s get a little “freaky” with the music getting so good it takes the clothes off of a band member. You can check out the song below (it’s just skin, no nudity really involved) — plus, in usual fashion it’s another killer track from the band. Souvenirs is out November 6.

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NOVELISTS’ official music video for the single ‘ECHOES’ from the debut album “SOUVENIRS” out November 13, 2015 via ARISING EMPIRE.

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