Skrux drops new chillstep original “Essence”

Based out of Arlington, TX, Skrux is one producer I am always looking forward to hearing more music from, especially when he’s essentially in my own backyard. With a very unique style, you immediately know when a track is produced by him. His latest original, “Essence”, starts off with what sounds like muffled/chopped vocals over a very orchestral sounding buildup. As the track progresses, the melodic nature of Skruxs’ style comes full force with a bass line that not only hits your eardrums, but also your heart strings. It’s hard enough to make meaningful, emotional music as is, and Skrux has perfected the ability to do so himself. Essence describes the track perfectly, and there’s no better way to understand it except for taking a listen to it yourself. You can check it out below; free download at his soundcloud page is also included.

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Skrux – Essence by Hegemon Select

We Are Hegemon. Listen on Spotify: Free Download: ——————————————————————————– Follow @skrux Follow @hegemon ——————————————————————————– ▶ @ChilledVelvet ▶ @DaktylMusic ▶ @DIVERSA ▶ @FatherDude ▶ @GRMMOfficial ▶ @Just-a-gent ▶ @K-sbo ▶ @Obeson ▶ @OfficialSaturn ▶ @Skrux ▶ @TroyBoi

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