Album Review: Dresses – Let Down EP

Happy and breakups; not typically two words that go in the same sentence. In fact that’s usually referred to as an oxymoron, and yet indie pop duo Dresses have somehow pulled that off with their latest EP, Let Down. Jared Ryan Maldonado and Timothy Heller both have mind-blowing talent, performing all the instruments themselves. They both have voices that can stand strong on their own or blend so beautifully you almost forget the fact that some of the lyrical content would make a care-bear cry.

[tw-toggle title=”About Dresses”]
Genre: Indie Pop
Label: SideOneDummy Records
Release: October 23, 2015
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

You’re immediately drawn in with the EPs strange and curious cover that depicts a seemingly beautiful woman holding an ice cream cone, with what could only be assumed to be a less than delicious scoop of cactus. A thought that comes to mind upon seeing this could be, “Hmm. That could be tasty treat, but I think it could also be slightly painful”. This is a perfect metaphor for love and relationships in general. It’s a risk we all take in our lives.

The first track up entitled “Catch” emulates the harmonizing quality that Dresses possess in using happy, upbeat music paired with less than joyful lyrics (also the song is super Catch-y to boot!). The beautifully written words of the song speak to a fear we all have in a pair bonding which is the notion that if you were to put all of yourself into said relationship, would your paramour return the favor? This thought can be gut-wrenching for the strongest of us, but by the end of this ditty you’ll be clapping your hands as the tears drip down your cheeks upon this pontificating.

Have you ever felt such intense and passionate love for someone, that they could rip your heart out and yet it would still beat for them? Well you’re not alone! “Drift Away” addresses that subject wondrously, not only with the poetic lyrics but with the feel the music emits as well. With the almost “beachy” sounding guitar licks, and subtle tapping of the cymbal in the opening of the song, your mind tends to drift away all on its own.


No Description

The title track is found on song number three. The message conveyed in this anthem of love-lost is one of perseverance that just didn’t pay off. You try and try, but nothing seems to be enough to keep your relationship in tact. Not all is lost though; regardless of your significant other walking away, you did your very best (portrayed perfectly in the line “I’m sorry if I let you down, but I didn’t let me down”) The beat and melody leaves you tapping your feet, along with a triumphant smile peaking on both corners of your happy face.

“Frozen” is something we all feel when the loss of a relationship is so great that it literally brings our emotional abilities to a standstill. This can lead though to the realization that sometimes love just doesn’t make any sense. “I Don’t Believe It” reflects that with what it has to say. You tried so hard, you think you did everything right (or close to), and you would do literally anything to get them back, but it just never is enough. Pretty unbelievable, no? One things for sure; when we get into any sort of a relationship, we all become “Fools” at some point. Acting without a second guess, and taking chances we wouldn’t normally take. And yet at the end of this record, no matter of the sad subject matter that’s exactly how you will be dancing. Foolishly and without a care to spare.

Thank you Dresses for making me forget all about “what’s-her-face”, and leaving me whistling and with a skip in my step.


What Are Your Thoughts!

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