FYKE release debut single + music video “Awake”

After plenty of teasing and a lot of waiting, Fyke, the side project of Enik Lin (known for his work in the electronica duo IAMMEDIC) have finally released their first single. Fyke is a completely different sound and departure from the work IAMMEDIC does; disregarding the electronic sounds he has grown into for a full fledged alternative rock sound that is tightly produced and meant for the big stage. With the release of the bands first single, “Awake”, the song serves its purpose beautifully by drawing you in wanting more and introducing the band to the world. Fortunately, we shouldn’t have to wait too long for more as the band is expecting to drop the debut album in early 2016. For now, take a listen to “Awake” below — and we’ll keep you updated on more from the band as it comes out.

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