Crywolf releases second single “Wake [E-Bow]” from upcoming album

The multi-talented, multi-faceted artist known to many as Crywolf is a month away from releasing his biggest project to date with his debut album Cataclasm. Prior to the albums release, he is slowly letting the world hear what he has so meticulously been working on — initially with the lead single “Rising, Rising” released a few weeks ago. That is followed up today, with the release of the second single “Wake [E-Bow]”, which premiered over on Thump. It’s a continuation of the sound that Crywolf has shaped and become so well known for; melodic in nature with meaningful lyrics sprinkled with an entire new layer and level of maturity and songwriting. The various instruments and sounds used to make each song are what really makes him stand out; nothing is overused and out of place. If you aren’t familiar with his previous work, I suggest you start from the beginning so you can not only hear the level of growth, but feel it as well. Music is all about the journey and his music will definitely take you on a very deep, heartfelt one. You can take a listen to “Wake [E-Bow]” below.

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Wake [E-bow] by Crywolf

Cat”a*clasm N. A breaking asunder; a violent disruption. Buy on iTunes: Watch the mini documentary: Photography by Dustin Hollywood One Look And My Fingers Are Numb Now. When I was 19 I had a sort of existential crisis; I dropped out of school, bought a motorcycle, and took off on a 3 month trip roaming the U.S., just couch surfing with strangers and meeting new people in each city.

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