Album Review: Separations – Dream Eater

Electronicore is such a polarizing genre, some people love it while others hate it. While a few bands do it really well, it’s a genre that I have mostly strayed away from. Now enter Separations, an electronicore band based out Atlanta, Georgia who are poised to release their debut record Dream Eater on October 2nd via Imagen Records . So you may be asking yourself, does Separations stand out and leave a lasting impression or are they just another boring fish in the overpopulated electronicore sea? For that answer you need only look to the band’s name, Separations. Let me tell you folks, that is exactly what this band does, they separate themselves.

One of the first things that stands out is the range of vocalist Will Crafton. His uncleans are powerful and guttural and the singing is strong, melodic and unique. Songs such as “King of Woe”, “Yours Alone” and “Replace Me” showcase Will’s clean vocals beautifully. Will is an incredibly talented vocalist and if you ever see Separations live, you will know he is more than able capable at being a dual threat (scream/sing) vocalist.

Separations “Lights Out” lyric video

The new lyric video for “Lights Out” from Separations – Imagen Records newest artist, debut album “Dream Eater” available fall 2015!


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“Whether its the punishing riffs, catchy electronics or the well crafted vocals, Dream Eater is an album that’s both memorable and incredibly fun.”



The electronics on the album are another aspect that is well executed. They are subtlety weaved throughout and give the songs more flavor. The electronics are never over-powering and compliment the instruments. Thankfully there is no cheesy dubstep dance parts, instead they chose to interlace the electronics throughout creating a perfect synergy. The electronics never come off as gimmicky or cheesy and they always feel like they add to the song instead of just being randomly thrown together. “Upper Hand”, “The Starving” and “Lights Out” are just a few songs that showcase the incredibly catchy electronics that are sure to get the crowd bouncing.

Dream Eater is full of variety and each song stands out in their own way. The album is full of punishing riffs, catchy electronics and solid vocals, making Dream Eater an album that’s both memorable and incredibly fun. Each song has its own identity and you never feel like you are listening to the same song over and over again. Whatever your thoughts on the electronicore genre are, Dream Eater is not an album you want to miss. The album is incredibly mature, well written and polished. Separations are going places and Dream Eater is a testament of that. Grab all that change in your couch cushions and pre-order it right now! If you don’t believe me then take Shia LaBeouf’s word for it and JUST DO IT!

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Genre: Metalcore | Electronicore
Label: Imagen Records
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes


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