Album Review: Big Grams – Big Grams

“This shit is bangin’!” I never speak like that. I’m a white guy who grew up in an upper-middle class family. Great upbringing by wonderful parents. I wear my pants at my waist, rarely use the word “Yo”, and the only “gat” I’ve ever had in my hands wasn’t even a “gat”. It was a shotgun that I fired at a barn once in Texas. Now all that being said, “this shit is bangin’!” was the first thing that came out of my mouth after listening to Big Grams. For those of you that have been living under that metaphorical rock (much like myself, until a friend lifted it from over me, and showed me the musical light as it were), Big Grams is a collaboration between electro-rock group Phantogram and ex Outkast, outcast Big Boi.

I gotta tell ya, this record has a dirty southern feel to the hip hop side of it, but blends that so perfectly with some of that good ‘ol smiley, sun shining, dancey alternative rock you pump outta that old boombox on the beach. Have you ever wondered what the right words to use are, when attempting to get someone into bed without sounding like a total Jersey Shore douche bag? Throw on the track “Lights On” and that’s exactly what your bar scene, late night paramour will be doing for ya. Once you’re in like sin toss on “Put It On Her“…don’t think I need to explain that one. It doesn’t matter if you want some of that aforementioned southern hip hop mixed in with some jazzy type feels (“Born To Shine – feat. Run The Jewels“), or something to shake yo’ groove thang to (“Drum Machine – feat. Skrillex“) this albums got it all in spades.

“This shit is bangin’!”

When I first heard the groups name I’ll have to admit I was kind of thinking Big Grams of what? Weed? Blow? Either would make sense. There’s hits on there that’ll make you chill out and just feel the rhythm, then there’s them bumpers that’ll just make your heart race. I’ll tell you what it’s really got; Big Grams of solid tunes! Now I’m gonna jump in my ’64 Impala, drink some bubble tea and enjoy some good music.

Big Grams – Fell In the Sun (Audio)

Big Grams Big Boi + Phantogram “Fell In the Sun” Download the “Big Grams” EP at iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon: (C) 2015 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment and Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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