Album Review: Parkway Drive – Ire

Parkway Drive is a band that has never been afraid to think outside of the box. This has been one of the many reasons they’ve risen to be one of the most recognizable and noteworthy bands in the 12 years they’ve been on the metalcore scene. With every record released they are always progressing and Parkway has always been willing to experiment in ways that others in the genre wouldn’t dare to brave. Up until recently this could be heard mostly on their 2012 album, ‘Atlas‘. This album set a solid precedent for depth and diversity on a metalcore album. There were violins, cellos, a piano, and even a turntable (the latter of which wasn’t something entirely new for a band like this to use, but was so in such a way that accented the song “The Slow Surrender” so perfectly) which were welcome and beautifully set against the typical instruments on an album such as this. But a group like Parkway Drive, does not stop there. They go back to the drawing board to figure out what creative and unique twist they’ll devise in their musical lab for their next endeavor.

“Isn’t it funny how such an angry album can make me so happy?”

This brings us to their 2015 masterpiece, Ire. Yet again these Australian lads have ripped apart the typical notions of what a metalcore record should sound like, and shown the world that metalcore doesn’t have to be all blast beats, chugs, and breakdowns. With Ire they go beyond that. They have guitar solos, classic rock inspired riffs and anthem style gang vocals that are sure to get the crowd going. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that this album isn’t also very aggressive. Winston’s iconic growls are very present on the album and Parkway Drive still bring the heavy.

The definition of Ire means anger, an emotion which is felt clearly throughout the record, yet with an abundance of vigor and complexity. There’s a sense of yearning for more, never settling for what spoon-fed bullshit the masses try to pile on day in and day out. This can be heard on a song like “Vice Grip“, when vocalist Winston McCall triumphantly screams “Get up! Get up! One life, one shot! Give it all you got! Keep The Flame Alive!” This song does a perfect job of expressing that strong pissed off, yet positive vibe it’s trying to represent. The song “Writings On The Wall” added another device to an ever-growing repertoire with the closest we’ve heard Winston to cleans yet, with a mixture of spoken/growled deliverance. If you’re feeling truly furious though, and you need to perfect theme song to smash your parents favorite china to, then toss on “Dying To Believe“, which has one of my favorite lyrics off the entire record (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this…), “Motherfucker tell me how the hell do you sleep at night?!”.

Every single time I think the boys in Parkway Drive can’t top their last release they prove me wrong time and time again. ‘Ire‘ is one of the most well executed albums from this band yet, and the more I listen to it, the more I’m impressed and hear a new side to each song. Isn’t it funny how such an angry album can make me so happy?

Parkway Drive – “Crushed”

Listen to the full album: “Crushed” by Parkway Drive from the album ‘IRE,’ out now! Produced by George Hadjichristou Video by Ambitious Films: Order on iTunes: Order CD and vinyl: Facebook: Instagram: Lyrics Brothers, my brothers. Is this all that we are Sisters, my sisters.


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